Ikraa Caviar

by Lillian Langtry
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Arty Dozortsev who is a beloved New York character and a  successful entrepreneur  is following in his father’s footsteps by bringing the best sourced  caviar directly to consumers. Joining him in this endeavor is his gorgeous wife Anna Dozortsev. Arty is well  known around town  for hosting  dinner parties at the most glamorous restaurants in NYC. There are  always tons of beautiful girls and European Playboys with long names and longer titles. He originally  followed his father Eugene into the liquor business after graduating from college. They own a large distribution company called Dozortzev and Sons based in Elizabeth, NJ.  They carry such Popular  brands  as Alarcan Tequila, Forever Young wines and Saint Arturo which you can find as Scarpetta, Tao Downtown and all NYC Serafinas.

But now let’s get to the caviar. It’s imported from different countries as production is no longer limited to Russia. Arty’s father Eugene was a pioneer in the caviar business when  he  took a chance by going to Russia’s Far East in the 1980’s and became one of the biggest importers of Russian Caviar in NYC. Eugene also  owned , the award-winning Caviar Russe for many years on Madison Avenue before selling it. Caviar runs in Dozortsev DNA. Anna , Arty’s wife who looks like a Grecian Goddess came from the Real Estate business  but has taken to Caviar Business like a sturgeon to cold water if I could be allowed to use this pun. She handles the daily details  of running  the business. Anna has also been integral  with launching new liquor brands such as  Root Out whiskey  for their successful distribution business, Ikraa Caviar enjoys a celebrity following,  including actor Ray Stevenson and artist Domingo Zapata.

The hip brand will hand deliver a  Caviar package to your place in NYC or the  Hamptons. Their ViP package which starts at $1600 will be  at your place  within four hours of ordering it. The package includes Caviar, blinis, truffle butter and two mother of pearl spoons. There is also one for $4600 that includes A kilo of Golden Ossetra from Russia .

Bon Apetit


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