Laurie-Beth Robbins

by Adam Kluger

Adam: I stumbled on to your FB posts and was immediately fascinated by your combination of Kerouac meets Hip-Hop word-flow and your incredible skill as a gourmet chef- where in this world or some other galaxy did you come from?

Laurie-Beth: So kind!  Thank you Adam. I was born and raised in The Northeast Kingdom of Vermont – two hours south of Montreal, Canada.

Adam: You stay in such incredible shape and have such a positive view of life, it is such a breath of fresh air in these unprecedented times…how do you do it?

Laurie-Beth: That is gracious and humbling and for which I thank you too. Because of how I eat, (healthful exotic cuisine in mammoth portions albeit only once a day), I am able to eat and drink what I wish. My attitude and view of life is fueled from the vicissitudes of each day. Everything is an opportunity. (To grow, to glow or to go)! EVERYTHING!

Adam: Your ability to tell stories and articulate ideas is so next-level, have you ever thought of performing a one-woman show on stage?

Laurie-Beth: I love how you think – thank you very much – and yes,  I am open to entertaining that idea and opportunity.

Adam: What advice do you have for our readers on living a healthier, more fulfilling life?

Laurie-Beth: Eat food that you love and that loves YOU. For all of us that is different, ergo, don’t follow diets and fads. Listen to your inner voice, palate and soul. It knows!

Adam: What do you do for fun? You seem to have a no-limits approach to life.

Laurie-Beth: Fun to me is what I do daily that is shared with the world – writing, speaking, plating food or teaching wine etiquette and enjoyment. My fun is upfront for all to see. I never show my “boo boos” or post or talk about what isn’t fun, unless mentioning it in a column as hindsight via the growth arc and with the hopes that it shall help someone.

Adam: Where did you learn to become a master chef and where did you get all the amazing outfits you wear?

Laurie-Beth: At age 6 in rural Vermont I asked my parents for octopus salad and frog legs (to eat) and the jury is still out on where in the hell that came from. Not from our black and white television with two channels nor my friends or siblings then. To their credit, my parents fostered my curiosity and helped uncork my interest in culinary and oenological doings. Hence food/wine (my first glass of vino being served to me at the dinner table at age 10) and public speaking became a blend leading to sentimental solace in many ways. On fashion: after many years of thinking I had to have a red Louboutin sole, (at one time having 42 pairs), I “did the work” and rid it all, and now care more about showcasing that RED PASSIONATE SOUL within and I buy clothes and shoes on Amazon. (I can order a dress, book and paprika from the Syrian border – all with one click and receive it two days later. That makes far more sense to me than how I once lived).

Adam: You inspire so many of your fans with your incredible energy, words, wit and inner and outer beauty- who inspires you?

Laurie-Beth: Thank you! To know that means so much. I was blessed in the parents department more than many. My father died a couple years ago and my mom is still here. Kindness and strength came from them both. Survivors (Holocaust, Hostage, and Other) inspire me greatly too. As a “Taken” survivor (from the international and diabolical fiefdoms of sex slavery and trafficking abroad and one lucky woman to be alive – themes the masses may relate to via the famed Liam Neeson “Taken” series); I have found tremendous inspiration and moreover TRANSFORMATION in my healing, growth, and forward living and sharing with the world, from my connection to other survivors of atrocities in our world. (We may have been victimized but we do not choose to be “victims” and instead have chosen to be victors and do our best to help others free themselves from any tumult they have navigated too).


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