Nikki Walter – Nemickas Give Fitness & Wellness Advice

by Elizabeth Elston

Nikki Walter-Nemickas  is a health, nutrition, fitness and wellness lifestyle expert whose inspirational motto of be fit and eat clean has earned her the coveted spot as the new  Us Weekly Editorial Representative  to the Kroger Wellness Council.

Walter-Nemickas much sought after commentary will be featured in the weekly celebrity and entertainment magazine that holds a total readership of more than 40 million consumers. As an athlete, fitness model, and family wellness coach she is proud to share her passion to create better living for all.


In her latest role as an Editorial Representative, she will attend Kroger Wellness events, including their quarterly Council meetings, the Wellness Experience, and the Women of Wellness Brunch. US Weekly will ask for her commentary on selected stories about the Kroger Wellness Experience. Thus far, events have been held virtually due to COVID-19 with hopeful plans to meet in person. On the national platform, her wellness commentary will be highlighted both online and in print.

As a  leader in the field, the motivational coach is also a strong advocate that brings health and wellness to the masses. Her sincere message and creative style bring hopeful enthusiasm that positively stimulates all ages and backgrounds.  Us Weekly secured  Walter-Nemickas after being introduced to her captivating knowledge in the field, as well as her own personal history that helped her preserve throughout the ages. With a personal story that resonates with many,  Walter-Nemickas is a woman who is more than a coach. She is a relatable teacher who only wants the best for readers turning to her advice to help them reach goals of improvement. 

“This means the world to me because I believe that every step of the way that I’ve taken in the industry is to really change lives for the better,” reflects Walter-Nemickas in her new role. “I feel like there is still so much more to do and it is truly exciting. What I’ll do next in the wellness world is really going to allow me to expand the industry and share my love and expertise with everyone.”

Growing up in small-town South Dakota, she dreamed of working in the fitness industry but went on a more traditional career path. However, after her late husband Nathan was diagnosed with cancer, and eventually passed away in 2011, she embraced a brave stance to take the steps to carve out a personalized wellness business model. With the ever-loving presence of her young daughter Addison, she made her dream come true. 

“It’s a great opportunity to just flourish in the next season of my life,” says the health expert who is grateful for her successful work life, as well as her new marriage in 2020.  Walter-Nemickas’  commitment to her family equals her dedication to those seeking guidance on balanced eating, healthy lifestyle habits, and overall well-being. With that momentum, she is also making waves by helping families in Rural America with her #RuralFit campaign. The platform that was started with her daughter provides an educational opportunity for communities to participate in raising funds for their citizens or family members who need assistance with healthcare costs.



Along with her work at Us Weekly, her goals in 2021 include completing her advice novel on healthy living, continuing her F…It Podcast that is on both Spotify and Apple Podcasts, and launching a new and improved website. 

Additionally, she has been booked this Summer 2021 for The Wellness Experience by Kroger festival event on Thursday, August 19th, 2021.  Walter-Nemickas will take the stage in Cincinnati, Ohio for the annual, multi-day festival. Serving on the panel of the Women of Wellness Council, she will help inspire women from all backgrounds to invest in their physical health, mental wellness and mindfulness. The Wellness Experience equips attendees with the products, programming, and inspiration to kick-start their healthy lifestyle.

Website –

Instagram – @_nikkiwalter and @f.it_podcast

TikTok – _nikkiwalter

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