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by Anthony Lotito
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On a warm summer day in the coastal region of Tuscany, Italy,  in a virtually unknown vineyard,  a Vermentino is being sampled by a small group of wine experts. Sitting at a vintage table made of poplar wood, among the ancient vines and the region’s vast beauty, one of the experts declares “, What a find, excellent! This is perfect!”  Selecting a truly great wine is a complex undertaking.  Finding an absolute gem among the thousands of varietals produced around the world requires expertise and a lot of patience.  Until now.

“The search for a great wine experience is my passion, sharing it with my friends, clients, and colleagues is my pleasure,” declares wine Sommelier, Antoinette Cialdella.

Antoinette is living the dream, turning her personal passion for all things wine into a career. Growing up in the competitive environment of New York City, Antoinette entered the world of Wall Street as an investment banker with one of the top investment banks in the world.

“Wall Street and working for a premier bank has taught me a lot!” explains Antoinette. “As an investment banker, we spend a lot of time entertaining clients. My knowledge of wine and sharing that with my Wall Street clients always gave me an advantage. People love wine. Even the most sophisticated wine lovers need help. That is why I created FineWine007,” this 42-year-old financial wizard turned wine aficionado declared with great enthusiasm.

Despite the demands of an investment banking career, Antoinette accomplished the challenge of attaining her certified Sommelier title by  studying evenings and weekends at the International Culinary School’s Intensive Master of Wine Program. “It was a challenge juggling my work schedule and study time, but anything worth having is worth sacrificing for,” says Antoinette. She then went on to study with the  Vinitaly International Academy in Verona, Italy, and traveled the world exploring wine vineyards and producers all with one goal in mind, delivering an excellent wine experience for her worldwide clientele. “Most people enjoy vacations at the beach or mountains, I investigate wine.”

FineWine007 is the secret agent of wine. The critically acclaimed company prides itself on uncovering excellent wines and creating amazing wine experiences, which includes finding great wines to drink, educating clients on the top wine regions and the many varietals they produce, food pairings, and social tastings.  Antoinette pivoted her business at the start of the pandemic to create a virtual vineyard destination as an alternate solution to stay connected with friends, family, clients, colleagues in a fun, uplifting social setting as the pandemic prohibited our customary ways of dining, drinking, traveling and gathering.  This virtual experience has allowed individuals to travel the world through their wine glasses without leaving the comfort of their homes. The result is magical.

Antoinette brings the magic to life virtually in your home, a restaurant, a corporate event, or any venue a client wants. FineWine007 curates wine experiences in uplifting social settings. “Nothing is better than socializing with wine.” Says Antoinette and continues, “however, our virtual wine experiences bring the vineyards of the world to you and your social circle regardless of where you or they are located. It’s virtual, but we provide the wines to actually taste. The wines are delivered to each participant’s home in advance and shared during the virtual session. Everyone wins! Everyone loves it!” explains Antoinette.

FineWine007 encourages their clients to ask for assistance for any occasion turning a social event such as a birthday, anniversary, corporate networking event, bridal shower, or any social event into a memorable wine experience.

The world of wine is vast. The complexities and subtleties of wine selection, and enjoying a perfect wine is a daunting task. Appreciating the different expressions of grape varietals, the regions from which they are born, the curating of an amazing wine experience is sometimes overwhelming. Antoinette has made this complex process simple and affordable as she continues with sincerity to explore wine. “Wine can elevate so many different aspects of our lives. It is joyful to bring wine enthusiasts together from so many different parts of the world.”

So, next time you reach for a beautiful bottle of wine or are presented the wine list at your favorite restaurant or just want to change drinking wine into a memorable experience, remember FineWine007 and its founder Antoinette Cialdella.  The “secret agent of wine” is always out there searching the world for that next amazing wine experience.

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