Bobby Van’s 54th Street

by Peter Elston


Bobby Van’s Steakhouse has earned its place as a venerable New York institution, thanks in part to a continued commitment to cooking techniques perfected years ago by the founding fathers of New York steakhouse cuisine. Bobby Van’s Steakhouse New York, located at 54th Street, is notable for its prime selection of superior steaks, distinctly excellent chops and incomparable seafood selection, invites you to enjoy the warm hospitality and quality fare that the traditional American steakhouses of New York are known for.

Situated in a building once frequented by Frank Sinatra and the Rat Pack, this is the quintessential place for the “steakhouse, New York” experience. With its richly handcrafted wood walls and well-stocked bar, Bobby Van’s Steakhouse offers both private and conventional seating. Diners can enjoy the outstanding and award-winning wine list, which is personally selected by Bobby Van’s own sommelier.

The dining is spacious for social distancing, and their delicious fare is also available for takeout.

The process of dry aging its USDA prime quality beef is key to developing the superior flavor of Bobby Van’s’ steaks. Once the team carefully selects well-raised and well-marbled steak, they age it in a specially-designed, humidity-controlled room for up to 28 days, which tenderizes it and enriches the flavor. Prime beef aside, the kitchen imports the majority of their seafood from overseas. The tuna is flown in from the Maldives, the Branzino comes from Spain, and salmon from Scotland. Locally, Bobby Van’s seafood supplier has a fleet of 30 fishing boats providing the kitchen with the freshest fish and shellfish daily. The restaurant offers guests a wide variety of dining options outside of prime beef and seafood, including supremely-prepared pastas and wood-fired pizza.

In New York City, where restaurants tend to shine brightly then fade like a show on Broadway, Bobby Van’s Steakhouse has more than passed the test of time. Each night the restaurants clientele descends with Wall Street tycoons, famous athletes, New York’s political tycoons, celebrities, and others rubbing shoulders, soaking up the elegant yet safe atmosphere, and impeccable service.

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