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Event Planning and Catering to the Who’s Who

As a saucy cocktail waitress on a quest for world domination, Lorna never dreamed she’d land in the kitchen, but that is just what happened when she opened her first restaurant, The Metro Blues Café at the age of 26. Front of the house has its stresses but the voyage to the back of the house, Day says was about as bumpy at The Lewis & Clark Expedition.

Self doubt was overcome with instinct as the born culinary wizard created dishes, conquered stereotypes & made a name for herself as the Gourmet Goddess. Born with a creative passion and a blessed palate she started revamping recipes to create easy but delectable versions of traditional fare, all the while, unknowingly, she had started to Fook (fun + cook = Fook).

This idea birthed out of necessity grew into Day’s first book , The Fook Book, untraditional recipes for sexy people. “At some point in history a chef decided how we all reproduce a recipe and I disagree with that philosophy, food is edible art and I envision myself the culinary Picasso. “ says Lorna. She refers to her style of cooking as the five star version of wham, bam, thank you Ma’am! This book is not only salivatingly gorgeous, it is full of fun quotes and has a sultry, sexy, open a glass of wine and cook, kind of vibe.

A great meal should appeal to all of your senses and somewhat leave you breathless. The Fook Book is available on Amazon or at letsfook.com. Leaving the restaurant business 20 years ago Lornas talents continue to be tasted through her catering company, Ooo La La . Ooo La La is housed in her Gourmet Provisions and Wine shop on Dixie Hwy in Stuart, where she hosts private dinners, tastings, events, classes and more. “I have never been one to follow the rules, life is too short and coloring outside the lines is way more fun” she says as she laughs.

I must say you cannot help smiling whilst in her company and tasting her food will evoke a soft moan or two. 
Lorna has become a local celebrity chef, caterer, columnist, food critic, author & radio show host, she’s been crowned the Fooking Queen of innovative eating. Lorna’s delicious recipes and elegant visual appeal prove that with some culinary balls and a cocktail in your hand, cooking should be fun & fearless. 

“Sex and Food are the two things most of dream about”

“ I cook like I look” and “always be the Hottest dish at the table” are two self coined quotes. One look at her Instagram page @letsfook and you’ll get it. “Sex and Food are the two things most of dream about” , says Day “so I playfully combine them into a style that is sexy, sophisticated, tongue in cheek, interesting, eye catching and of course leaves you wanting more. “
Have pans and will travel has become part of the appeal as she has been been summoned to pack her tongs & a bag of goodies and create dishes around the globe for a few special clients.

Her client list includes many who’s / who’s, but when asked to divulge names, she smiled slowly and laughed. Keeping this privy is why her high profile client list is so large.

Lorna’s passion, energy, and laughter exude effortlessly and you can’t help but smile, laugh and relax in the company of fun; exemplified. We tasted playful, flavor savvy love in every dish and morsel she created for us. This is NOT cooking it is edible art. Starting with her Voke’l poached shrimp cocktail, hot brined Scottish Salmon, which naturally, was fatty and divine then topped with fresh dill, Japanese white cucumber and Tarragon Vinegar cream… I may have died and spent 5 minutes in culinary heaven. Followed with 48 hour dry rubbed Tenderloin of Beef, Merkin infused horseradish cream and a luscious Russian Crème with berries for dessert.

Day now focuses on her upcoming book; “The “C” word | Cook “, her A-list of hand selected catering clients and the newly launched and expanding Ooo La La Wine & Gift Club, which is part of her retail location located at 2413 SE Dixie Hwy. The “C” word – Cook. Day’s upcoming book will launch in late 2021 and focus on more innovative recipes that are easy to prepare & elegant to view and of course her unique blend of sexy and funny.

Ooo La La Wine Club is a member only club with exclusive benefits and events. They hand deliver, curated wines, mostly from small single- vineyards, boutique wineries and focused on hard to find picks that are paired with gourmet provisions, tasting notes and a video description. You can find more information at ooolalawineclub.com 

With kitchen tenure comes innovation and Lorna is getting ready to launch her own line of dressings, spices, sauces and dips. With names like Mona Lisa on Top, It’s Bacon Bitch, and salad dressing flavors like Coconut, Papaya, Blue and Blue, Pineapple Pepper and more, this venture will follow the same culinarilly, fabulous route as Lorna’s other outlets.

Lorna Day lives in Stuart, Florida with her 5 rescue dogs, Eggs, Herford, China Bell, Marcy and Peek. She is the owner of Ooo La La Life, a catering company and retail wine and provisions store. She is the author of The Fook Book, untraditional recipes for sexy people. She also pens Edible Oohs and Ahhs for Stuart Magazine and dining reviews for Stuart Living Magazine. You can reach day at lorna@ooolalalife.com
772-301-3181 or 772-419-2099 or ooolalalife.com

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