Dr. Ken Grey: Holistic Physican

by W.A. Muller

Dr. Ken Grey is a licensed Doctor of Oriental Medicine / Acupuncture Physician. Dr. Grey’s unique approach to holistic healing has taken him abroad to lecture in Germany and treat sports professionals in Hawaii and France and at the Honda Classic as well as at his office where he is sought after by golfing and tennis greats.  Dr. Grey has proudly served on the advisory board of the Lighthouse at Jupiter Medical Center as well as an Executive Board Member of the AFFPC (Alliance of Families Fighting Pancreatic Cancer) Foundation.    His office is in Jupiter for over 15 years where he is a proud resident. Dr. Grey is the host of Maximum Health Radio “Quality Living” podcast. For Dr. Ken Grey, a Holistic Physician, knowledge is power and the key to living a healthier, longer life.  

“Teaching the patient is a big part of what I do. I may run into a former patient on the street who I may have helped in their effort to get pregnant by introducing them to healthier foods and diet and have a healthier body in order to get pregnant and they say, “I don’t always remember what your treatment was but I still remember what you taught me about healing foods,” so I really feel that that’s the thing that sticks,  is the education aspect, as that continues to heal them to this day.”

Dr. Ken Gren

“My dream is that when patients visit their doctors that instead of asking, ”what can you give me?” they ask, “what can you teach me?” There’s a reason for that. That’s what empowers us to be better and achieve a healthier, better lifestyle.” - Dr. Ken Grey, Holistic Physician
Dr. Ken Grey, Holistic Physician

Growing up, Dr. Ken Grey was always amazed by people who could heal others. Whether it was a preacher in church laying hands on someone, or his own mom who taught a young Ken about the healing powers of certain foods. “I think my journey started with just wanting to heal and wanting to help. My mom’s cooking, that’s how I first learned about food and how food can heal. At eighteen I became a chiropractic assistant. I felt like there was all these missing pieces and I wanted to fill and I started thinking holistically I wanted to help people with herbs with food with all the things I grew up knowing, with massage, with all of that and I couldn’t figure out how to do all of that so I started looking up naturopathic medicines and I saw that that was very limited and strictly about foods but what it also showed was acupuncture.  So, in order to become a doctor of oriental medicine  I really wanted to figure out how to use all of my skill sets or talents in a legitimate way and that’s what this gave me so it wasn’t acupuncture that intrigued me or allured me it was my entry point.

I thought ok, I’m going to learn food therapy, I’m going to learn homeopathy, I’m going to learn all these things that I already know,  but I am going to learn them through professional licensure and I am going to be able to be a primary physician and take care of people and so my goals early on were to do that and move into an area of medicine but also fuse it integrate it with MDs and surgery in places where it had not gone before. So I really wanted to be a pioneer  and that’s really what happened.”

Dr. Ken Grey is now one of the pioneers in a new field of medicine that combines holistic health practices with more conventional medical treatments.  

“I’ve written a 500 page book called Health In Balance. My co-writer on that was someone who I helped survive cervical cancer without any chemotherapy or radiation, so she wanted to write this book with me and she has been 10 years cancer-free, knock on wood, thank G-d. I started with dentistry. I shared an office with a dentist and did that for two years pioneering acupuncture and dentistry, I still to this day get asked to lecture on that. I wanted to do it in surgery in ICU I want to do it for people with doctors so they know they don’t have to choose. And it was very popular in helping in the cancer-related surgeries, breast cancer related and things like that.”

For Dr. Grey, another key aspect of quality living is to create healthier patterns and paths toward better health. The first step is often educating yourself to make better choices instead of falling for a fad diet.

“patients often get a long list of things that they shouldn’t do and they walk away feeling hopeless. No one wants to live their life in a negative. I’ve been able to help create a sense of balance.  You can have your celebration days – a day of pizza and wine or bourbon or vodka whatever it is but learn how to balance those days with maybe a day of juicing and what does carrot juice do?   How does that help your life?  How does beet juice – how to make it taste good? What are your root vegetables what are the organs and corresponding complaints or emotional content and the foods that heal them? So,  I think that education that is readily available to me,  becomes readily available to my patients and that is more accessible in developing a sense of pattern than these fragmented,  limited diets that are very short-lived and not realistic. If you can create a pattern where you are aware and you are educated then you can make better choices.”

In order to help people interested in incorporating holistic practices in their daily life, Dr. Grey is developing a new app that will make living healthier as simple as clicking your smart device.

“I’m working on an app called VELL and it’s kind of combining the two worlds very well and it will be the first app of its kind. There’s nothing like it available. It will give users the option to go through precision holistic medicine plan programs for any major complaints and for those who seek to be balanced and it will help them with every aspect of their lives and help them to create patterns. It will give  them accountability and give them accessibility to all of the things that they need to succeed in a better health situation. This app is multi-purposed and multi-faceted so for the first time it would be like a patient going to see someone like me, accessing me at their fingertips 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, being able to ask questions,   being able to access products if they need them.

Being able to access certain treatments, access everything from their meditations to their exercises and its all-encompassing in that sense. But really it’s developing a holistic lifestyle using the tools of an app and learning how to self-heal or at least complement their healing processes. So, a medical doctor can even prescribe this app to help patients by answering questions that they don’t know because a lot of times even food therapy, meditation therapy, yoga all of these things are very foreign to MD’s but they still want their patients to do it,  they just don’t know how to prescribe it or in what frequency or style,  so it will be a tool not only for physicians to prescribe for their patients, but also the everyday person will be able to simply access it and understand it and simplify their lives as well as their healing process.”

website: www.drkengrey.com

Dr. Grey has proudly served on the advisory board of the Lighthouse at Jupiter Medical Center as well as an Executive Board Member of the AFFPC ( Alliance of Families Fighting Pancreatic Cancer ) Foundation.    His office is in Jupiter for over 15 years where he is a proud resident. Dr. Grey is the host of Maximum Health Radio “Quality Living” podcast.

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