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Realistic Covid Time Tips

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Dr. Lisa

I’m Dr Lisa - the unlicensed therapist who is honest, because legally, I can be. I’m sick of being advised by experts to meditate, limit media and wear multiple masks at one time. Here’s some tips that are much more practical:

Tip #1 Get rid of your kitchen—it takes up too much space and is making you miserable. Convert it to a useful room. Substitute knitting for sourdough bread making.

Tip #2 Throw away your best clothes. Looking at all of it in the closet is upsetting and the last thing you want to think about is trying it on right now.

Tip #3 Stop trying to maintain relationships. It’s too much trouble  and you don’t have time. There are apps you need to be on with strangers so you can network to whatever might possibly be the next big thing.

Tip #4  Pretend your life is great across all mediums whenever you get a chance. You need to release your passive/aggressive  competitive impulses somewhere!

Tip #5  Remember this: if you’re conflicted about being in a relationship versus being on your own—it’s all equally bad—just  in different ways. No need to try and improve or change your circumstances

You’re welcome.

Dr. Lisa

About Dr. Lisa: Dr. Lisa has been practicing unlicensed therapy since 2001. She’s worked with over 1,000 clients including artists, comedians, musicians, politicians, writers, actual shrinks, celebrities and complete strangers. Listen to her live every Thursday, 2-3pm or download and enjoy over 250 recorded episodes at Dr. Lisa Gives A Sh*t on Radio Free Brooklyn.




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