Dave Vitalli A Man With A Vision

by W.A. Muller

Tell us about this amazing house and property.

DV: Well it was built by Paul Rudolph the professor who taught architecture, it was designed as a safe house for the family originally. A safe house to protect against  anything biological, natural disaster, war, or attack.

Why is this the perfect house for waiting out the current Pandemic?

DV: The house goes completely off the grid. It’s safe, secure. It’s a 15-minute flight from my helipad to Manhattan and it’s less than a sixty-minute drive. The house could be completely shut down for different parts of the family to be safe in it. It has three different air filtration systems in it. Even though it is upstate New York it has its own beach it has any of the amenities you would get in any 5-star hotel and it’s a very unique property.

You had me at helipad. I like how you dropped that in casually.

DV: Yes, it’s a 15 minute flight to the East or West side from my helipad which is in the front yard. I  have a pilot when we have guests or throw parties. So if we are bringing people in from Fire Island, Block Island or other parts of Long Island. A lot of folks have their multi-multi-million dollars brownstones in Manhattan and have their places in Long Island, they are looking for a place where they can get away and be safe and not have to worry about what’s going on in the world. In less than sixty minutes drive you are here in Orange County New York and located exactly fifteen minutes from Woodbury Commons.

What are some of the popular features of the surrounding area?

DV: The property is amidst trees and horse farms. You have everything from hiking, skiing, snowmobiling, four-wheeling, horseback riding all within thirty minutes of this house. The place was made for entertaining and to have a homey feeling on the other side of the house. One wing was made for parties with everything from a ballroom to a cigar room to the other side of the house which has small media rooms and living rooms and sitting nooks, a wine tasting area up in the loft.

Why are you selling it?

DV: In 2022  I will be running for the United States Congress in the state of Tennessee. I’m an Independent I’m running in a Republican Caucus. I’m a Constitutionalist by trade. I tell my very dear friends who are Democrats that I am a JFK Democrat, which is a little bit different from what the Democratic party is today. I believe in doing things for the people not for a particular party. Poor has no color I don’t believe in labeling people. I believe in rehabilitation. The criminal justice system needs a revamp. Police need to be revamped. I would like to do things that are fiscally responsible to get this country back on track. I’m not a cheering section for this recent administration of any administration.


So what’s the game plan?

DV: Well I have most of my financing coming out of the Northeast and if everything goes well I will go for POTUS in 2024.


DV: Yes. I’ve worked for the previous four administrations as a defense contractor and working with the department of defense for over 20 countries. I also opened up a foundation that protects school teachers and children called the Angel Watch Foundation. It’s an accreditation program for the safety and security of schools, children, and teachers, We are partnered with the American Red Cross and we are the only accreditation for the safety and security of children in the United States. From CPR to first aid to protecting against gun violence to anti-choking devices that we designed. Medical Administration training. Interior and exterior threats. We provide over 20 different courses to the staff and we have different technologies that we put into the school to protect the children and also to protect the teachers and staff as well. I own an environmental company called IEC, the International  Environmental Corporation as well. Cleaning the planet. I’m from Orange County New York.


How did you become a defense contractor?

DV: I was going for the United States Marine Corp. then I was recruited to another government agency and then I became a government contractor. I’ve worked under the Clinton Administration, the Bush Administration, The Obama Administration and if need be the Trump Administration. Everything from security to security logistics to investigations, war-time theaters of war, maritime theaters of war.

So, why Tennessee?

DV: Tennessee is the fastest-growing state in the United States and Nashville is the fastest growing city in the United States. I also was invited to star in a TV show to help kids called My Dysfunctional Family on CMT.  I’ve been asked to get into politics for over a decade now and I was resistant because I know how dirty it can be with backdoor deals. Then this past year I decided I would do it. My  platform will focus on term limits for Congress, The Senate, and the United States Supreme Court. If you tackle that then you can tackle lobbying as well. We also want welfare reform, prison reform, and police reform. Two words should never go together: career and politician.

Any U.S. Presidents that you particularly admired?

DV: JFK, Ronald Reagan.

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