Kelly O’Shea: Public Relations

by metromag1


Specializing in a variety of travel and lifestyle brands.

They’ve helped hotels, restaurants, private jet providers, yacht companies and tourism boards (just to name a few) – realize their potential. With a deep understanding of the diverse elements required to succeed in a crowded marketplace, KOPR is guaranteed to consistently deliver flawless executions and professionalism to every campaign.

President and CEO of KOPR, Kelly O’Shea, personally attends to each client and is known for her enthusiasm, creativity, tenacity, and energy she brings to each of her clients. She has a solid background in travel and lifestyle PR; over the years, she has executed strategic public relations campaigns and worked for some of the leading travel, luxury lifestyle and hospitality brands. With nearly two decades of experience, Kelly not only monitors current trends in her respective clients’ industries, but identifies and enables emerging ones.

Kelly excels at event planning, co-branded promotions, brand development and execution of consistent media messaging.

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