Flower Power Daily

by Jill Brooke

The cameras were clicking and the smiles were beaming as the public oohed and oohed over the creative talents of some of Florida’s most inspiring floral artists interpreting the theme of supporting breast cancer research. Many retail stores now are creating floral sculptures and installations which become catnip to the public and enhance their brand too. In fact, the Bride Candy’s extraordinarypeacock with feathery soft pink plumes became the go-to place for Instagram moments.

In the category of Most Realistic design, Gilded Group Decor created this mannequin sponsored by Chopard. The judges loved the intricacy of the braided bodice. Many artists chose to use rose petals or pressed orchids, but this braided bodice was simply and elegant as was the flow of the dress.

In the category of Most Original design, the winner was Hayal Flowers sponsored by the Fisher Island Community which raised $1.4 million to help those impacted by the pandemic. And here they are sponsoring a floral sculpture since flowers have been such a soothing comforting elixir to so many this year. Wearing a modern jumpsuit and a skirt made of colorful tropical palms, lush roses and anthurium, it was also accessorized with a pearl necklace of white hypericum berries. The rainbow of multicolored blooms infused in this creation was like a kaleidoscope of good karma and the headdress was also happy and chic.

Notice the detail of how she is looking at the mirror which the artist said is a message to encourage
appreciating and reflecting on life this year no matter what comes your way. In the category of Best in Show, Aniska Creations won for this fab floral dress with a zebra print top made of preserved fern in black and white – that matched the shoes. Her skirt complimented the animal print with hot pink roses that were finished with step grass to emulate the appearance of ostrich feathers. Cool right? Also liked how this mother-daughter team inverted a rose as an earring. Nice touch don’t you think? Turns out Anais Vivas was a pop singer in Venezuela before joining her mom’s floral business.

Speaking of creativity, we all know that one of the emotional triggers of the disease is when one loses their hair. Check out how Raphael Lopez and Harrison Gabor created a blowdryer out of dried bunny tail and moss to tell a story. In this sculpture, they used coconut husk to illustrate new growth of hair and then a crown of hair blooming out of the scalp to show how a better tomorrow is around the corner. Loved the use of coconut shells as well in the dress and the dark calla lilies and garnet roses. Artists get inspiration from many sources. I loved how 

Luxury Design Miami looked at this Lafayette jacket and built the whole concept around it. The strips of greenery used in the poncho pants – which is trending – was so inspired and this outfit felt modern and fun. So chic isn’t it? Another jaw-popping beautiful exhibit was this one from La Feterie sponsored by Whispering Angel. The blue hydrangeas at the bottom were used since the company’s farm Chateau d”Esclans is lined with rows of memorable blue hydrangeas. 

The hundreds of roses in the skirt were of different 
sizes, small, big, white ivory and pink, to reflect how
everyone can be affected. The dress was glamorous within its design but the wings were purposely expansive.
After all, we need angels in our lives to 
get through any challenge, flowers to cheer us up and inspire us and
we also need on occasion a nice sparkling
glass of rose or champagne.

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