The Queens Gambit: Retro Chic Fashion

by Ty-Ron Mayes

Actress Anya Taylor Joy’s
Golden Globe – winning
performance in the Netflix hit,
The Queen’s Gambit
inspires a retro-chic fashion
trend featuring hats by Anat Fritz

Photos by Udo Spreitzenbarth

Inspired by the Queen’s Gambit make-up look from the hit series? Well, my name is Ty-Ron Mayes and I am going to help you take that look all the way to the runway! Together we will reimagine the look of yesterday and transform it into the world of tomorrow by taking it to the next level! Try a dash of Edie Sedgwick, three scoops of Beth Harmon, a sprinkle of Barbarella and a huge serving of Twiggy and voila! You just took your beauty and catapulted your look 
to out of this world proportions!

Do not do your foundation. You will start with your eyes first. After priming your eyes, take your favorite black eye pencil and lightly sketch out your liner. Divide your eyes into three sections. Top lash line, bottom lash line and eye socket. For clarity, the “Ty-Ron Mayes Eye” is three eyeliner treatments in one!

Start by carefully drawing your first eyeliner treatment, “The Doe Eye.” This is a classic eyeliner shape made famous by Audrey Hepburn. Make sure you angle the point to tilt your eye and give it a lift. Next, create bold lines in the socket of your eyes. This is your, “Deep Set Eye”, which is done by tracing the top eye sockets. This exaggerated eyeliner treatment was made famous by Edie Sedgwick. The third liner treatment is your, “Bottom Liner.” We know the bottom liner was pretty much made famous by Supermodel Twiggy. Just like Twiggy, instead of drawing the liner on the bottom of your lash line, move that line down a scosche. 

This will create the illusion of larger eyes by lining your eyes below the lash line. Now that all of your lines are in place, connect all three of your lines together in the outer corners of your eyes. This will give your eyes a tilted, wide eye effect

This is where your eyes will come alive. Use three sets of eyelashes! Yes, I said three sets of lashes! Carefully detach the lashes from their cases and take a measurement. You may need to cut the false lashes according to your particular eye shape. Here is a big industry secret! Wiggle and bend your falsies so that you can reshape your falsies from the manufacturer’s package shape into a shape that will easily mold into your eye shape. I call this modeling your lash.

Start with black eyelash glue and add a thin strip of glue onto your lash strips. You must have a very thin application because glue can be a tad bit messy. Then go back and add an extra micro dollop of glue on the outer corners of your falsies. The extra dollops will assure proper adhesions to the corners of your eyes. Let them dry down a bit. You need them to be a little sticky before you apply them. Grab your tweezers when applying your lashes. While looking in the mirror, tilt your head back and look down you nose like a snooty bitch. I hope you are laughing.

This head position will allow you to see the groove of where the eyelid ends and your natural eyelashes begin. Angle each lash strip into the groove so your natural eyelashes receive the lash strip and integrates with your real eyelashes. Once they are in place, take an eyelash curler and gently curl your real eyelashes with the falsies for a seamless appearance.

Now it’s time to add the bottom lashes or “Twiggies” as they were called because Twiggy drew her eyelashes on the bottom of her lids. But, we will recreate them with a real three dimensional lash strip worn upside down. Remember you are borrowing from the Edie Sedgwick and Twiggy era. So, you do not want to apply the lashes on the lash line. You want to apply the lashes to the augmented liner line. Your beautiful eyeliner strokes that were just below your natural lash line. Repeat the glue and wiggle treatment and when your lash strips are sticky, apply they eyelashes to your new lash line. Wow! Did your eyes just open up or what?

This next step is not for the faint of heart. You will literally take your eyes to a place where no woman has gone before! Add the final lash strip to your deep set eye socket line. This will give you the look of MEGA EYES! And with a few swipes of mascara on the top and bottom lashes, your eyes will be an explosion of blooming, high impact, mega lashes! Apply your make-up around you eyes remembering to stay with a neutral palette including nude lips, tons of contour and a pinch of luminizer on the high points of your cheek bones. I promise, you will be the talk of the party!

Photography: Udo Spreitzenbarth 

Contributing Fashion Editor and Text: Ty-Ron Mayes Make-up and Hair: Ty-Ron Mayes 

Model: Lita Cline

Location: Loft 29

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