Val Du Grace -Job Dacon

by metromag1

Filipino fashion designer Job Dacon’s new collection “Val Du Grace”, which is French for “Valley of Grace”, are made of wispy, lightweight fabrics meant to follow the wearer as she glides on the antique granite floors of a century-old mansion. Fabrics like Crepe-de-Chine, French Gauze and fashion staple Tulle were used.

“The theme of the collection is meant to give viewers a sense of dark yet graceful vibe, similar to the Cliffs of Normandy af-ter World War II like 20 years later, with ruins of a once-peaceful place now tak-en over by vines upon vines of Poison Ivy and Roses,” the designer said.

By: Marane Plaza
Photographer: Roj Miguel
Fashion Designer: Job Dacon
Hair and Makeup Artist: Kate Munar Models: Sarah Holmes and Meili Holmes

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