Organizing Strategies For The Pursuit Of Excellence In Your Life

by Lisa Krohn

(Editor’s Note: Lisa Krohn is so much more than an enlightened career/life coach and personal organizer. Lisa is an unparalleled business networker, writer, and personal assistant/advisor to  CEOs. Helping like-minded industry leaders connect the dots together. 
So pleased for Lisa to share some of her invaluable insights with our readers! -AK)

Organizing ourselves from the inside out is a primary strategy to seeking self-esteem and liking ourselves. Each of us is searching to control ourselves, our lives, and to better connect with the people around us. Mindfully exchange the word control for command. Trite and simple? No. Profound and prophetic. This one word can literally recalibrate how you feel and act in real-time! Define what is healthy vs normal for yourself. Strive for excellence vs perfection when applicable. 

Failure is crucial to one’s success in life both personally and professionally. The few people I know who have never experienced true failure are not as evolved. They lack the skills of resiliency, fortitude, and empathy. They are also void of self-exploration, as failure can be either a pandora’s box or a gateway to thriving.

Learn to listen and trust your instincts and life  wisdom. Give yourself permission to stop allowing outside opinions in unless you respect the person and what they are suggesting.  The path to clear thinking, quietude, wisdom, joy, and solace exists within you and no one else.

Integrity and virtue will soon follow organically. If you embrace your emotional and social intelligence you will evoke natural civility that is inspiring to everyone who meets you. Grace is an intimidating word to most of us. It has a cacophony of resonance vs that which is simply mellifluous.  Practicing grace in the workplace can have a visceral effect on others and how they see themselves and us. When grace is spoken it oozes from every pore from our bodies.   If we practice these rituals above,  in the same ways we stretch our physical muscles, we will be in mindfulness.

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