Gentlemen Prefer The BLONDs!

by Ty-Ron Mayes

The New York based design duo Phillipe and David are known as The Blonds. And if you didn’t know who they are, well, you just became cool. David and Phillipe are two men who are obsessed with making custom made crystal encrusted, sequin stunned and spiked one-of-a-kind corsets, dresses and over the top embellished ensembles. The creations are the brainchild of the combined talents of both David and Phillipe Blond but, what makes these designers stand out is the unique branding choice to make the beautiful Phillipe Blond the face and body of the brand.  That’s right, Phillipe Blond is not only a man, he is a man that looks like a high fashion Barbie doll come to life. With David by his side, who somehow resembles a living, breathing Ken doll, their combined fashion genius has left the world dazzled. I mean just think of it.

The peroxide power couple and design experts, with the superheroic, in-house spokesmodel and supermodel who literally ushered in the gender-fluid wave have etched their unique little corner in the fashion industry. They are the go-to duo that is hired by all of the top rockstars in the world to design show-stopping moments for their music videos and live shows. And please, don’t adjust your glasses, I did say he. Phillipe Blond is the gender-fluid, pretty man that is built like a top female supermodel who stands at 5’9” and rocking a razor-thin size zero.  Phillipe Blond looks like an illustration that has come to life.  Don’t think so? Then you haven’t seen his iconic strut as he opens their show and leads bevies of beauties down New York Fashion Week’s illustrious runways.

This is marketing genius at its best. After they leave the audience full of cheering buyers, celebrities, drag queens, influencers and editors, with David by his side the two rush backstage to begin the barrage of press questions and filling orders by the ravenous rockstars who jockey for their works of art. The two talented, peroxide dipped lovers have also staged some of the most uniquely casted fashion shows to date with the like of Paris Hilton, Lil’ Kim, Dominique Jackson, Shaun Ross, Teyana Taylor, Daphne Guinness, Patrick Starr, and supermodel Ma-ria Borges stomp the runway while celebs like Tyra Banks, Amanda Lepore, Ty Hunter, June Ambrose, Law Roach and myself sat front row as we con-templated on how we can add their sparkle and shine to our upcoming photoshoots, music videos and television shows.

High concept, theme-driven shows have become a lucrative business for this manufactured flaxen-haired, power couple as they create clothing that catering to the needs of uber-talented and chart-topping celebs like Beyoncé’, Cardi B, Taylor Swift, Doja Cat, Debra Harry, Rihanna, Mariah Carey, Nicki Minaj, Bebe Rexha, Toni Braxton, Brandy, Saweetie, Big Freedia, Liz-zo, Cindy Crawford, Kate Moss, Camila Cabello, Katie Perry, Lady Gaga, Winnie Harlow, Zendaya, Tyra Banks styled by me (Ty-Ron Mayes) for ANTM, Billy Porter for the coveted Met Ball Gala and many more! They worked with Mattel and designed a line of limited edition Blond Barbie collectables.  The Blonds have shown on Broadway and debuted a collection on the stage of Moulin Rouge. Well, I should just say… everyone wants to be Blond!

Ty-Ron Mayes: At one point, The Blonds was a concept… now, The Blonds have become a reality. How does it feel to be so successful?

David Blond:  It all started with an idea. We started with nothing, but we followed the signs and worked very hard to create a niche for ourselves. We define success as being allowed the opportunity to do what you love. 

Phillipe Blond: Yes, we do what we love and love what we do!  It’s amazing to dream of something for so long and see it finally become a reality. It’s like Magic!

Ty-Ron Mayes: The two of you were ahead of the corset trend and it is now really catching on with the public. Why do you think women today are so fascinated with corsets?

David Blond:  Everyone is obsessed with the female form.  There is something so attractive about it.  I think because it embodies the root of all human existence. Phillipe Blond: Sex! It’s all about sex!  The female form is the embodiment of sensuality and fantasy all rolled into one!

Ty-Ron Mayes: You have created looks for some of the hottest celebrities in the world. Who have you dressed?

David Blond:  We’ve had the opportunity to work with and dress many different personalities and each one is a new and exciting experience.  The differences are what makes this job so interesting.
Phillipe Blond: Everyone! Beyoncé, Brit-ney, Kylie, 2NE1, Rihanna, Ke$ha, Gaga, BIGBANG and G-Dragon to Katy, Jolin Tsai, Fergie, Christina, Ayu, to Sarah Jessica Parker, Diane Kruger, Jennifer Hudson, Sharon Stone, Kim Kardashian, Jennifer Lopez and of course the lovely Adam Lambert… OMG, we’ll be here forever!!!

Ty-Ron Mayes: Phillipe, how does it feel to wear a creation down the runway and then have Beyonce and Jennifer Lopez rock your frocks?

Phillipe Blond: AMAZING!!  It’s one thing to create a look, but it doesn’t come to life till the client brings it there.  It’s electrifying every time we see someone wearing a piece that never fades and is always a great surprise.

Ty-Ron Mayes: You have movie star features and a perfect female model’s body. Do you ever plan on taking your look beyond the brand and the runway? Would you sing or act?

Phillipe Blond: Singing and acting don’t interest me.  We would however LOVE to take on a film and work with some of our favorite directors such as Pedro Almodóvar, Ridley Scott, Baz Luhrmann, Luca Finnoti and Da-vid Lynch.  For now, we can all enjoy seeing our Blond Girls shake that ass in our clothes! LOL!


Ty-Ron Mayes: You recently sold out of the Phillipe Blond limited edition t-shirt. Are there any future plans for a commercial line and/or accessory line?

David Blond: We’re very open to that possibility and if the right opportunity presented itself… it would be spectacular. We would be thrilled to collaborate with a company like H&M or Target and you never know… a Blond store might be popping near you!


Ty-Ron Mayes: The Blond line has such a mystique. It’s alluring, fun, whimsical and sexy. If you could have a fragrance line, what would it smell like?

Phillipe Blond:  ME!

Ty-Ron Mayes: Would your fragrance be androgynous like Phillipe with a unisex scent or would you have a perfume just for women?

David Blond:  We don’t label anything and anyone can wear any fragrance.  It’s about finding the one that fits your chemistry the best. 


Ty-Ron Mayes: I know you are in the process of working on your new collection. When you are creating clothes, do you make clothes with a certain person in mind? Or does the design come first and then you say… this would be perfect for______?

David Blond:  Inspiration comes in many forms.  Art, Animation, Film, Sex… Our creative process varies depending on the project.  If it’s for a client, then they become the soul inspiration along with their likes and personality.  When working on our own collection Phillipe is the ultimate muse.


Ty-Ron Mayes: And we love Phillipe! David, what inspires you?

David Blond:  Life!

Ty-Ron Mayes: David, who inspires you?

David Blond: Phillipe!

Ty-Ron Mayes: Phillipe what inspires you?

Phillipe Blond:  Glamour!

Ty-Ron Mayes: Phillipe who inspires you?

Phillipe Blond:  David!

Ty-Ron Mayes: Phillipe, I have seen you in both incarnations, Phillipe (male) and Phillipe (female). Which persona do you feel more comfortable in?

Phillipe Blond:  There is only one Phillipe.  I have never known anything else.  It’s natural to me and we don’t consider things from that perspective.

Ty-Ron Mayes: That is so beautiful. Since our last interview, you had a Phillipe Blond Barbie Doll by Mattel released to the public. What was it like seeing yourself as a Barbie doll?

Phillipe Blond: Actually I’m the inspiration but, it’s ALL BARBIE! That was an incredible experience and she has been a client for years.  We started our collaboration with Barbie in 2009 and have loved every minute of it.  There have been several one of a kind projects, a limited edition collectable doll for everyone and Barbie even walked as a model in one of our shows which Ken attended sitting in the front row!

Ty-Ron Mayes: David, as a designer there really is nothing out there that compares to the
Blond design. What designers do you enjoy looking at and/or wearing?

David Blond: We admire anyone who pushes the envelope and expresses originality whether or not it’s accepted by the majority.

Ty-Ron Mayes: Phillipe, when you are not wearing a Blond corset, what designers do you like to wear?

Phillipe Blond:  I like a mix of everything. No matter what… I find something.  We do a lot of vintage shopping, but my favourite things are shoes. Louboutins of course!


Ty-Ron Mayes: David, what is your guilty pleasure?

David Blond: Bacon!

Ty-Ron Mayes: Phillipe, what is your guilty pleasure?

Phillipe Blond: I have no guilt or regrets regarding pleasure.

Ty-Ron Mayes: Men’s grooming has become so popular that it seems like everyone is keeping up with The Blonds. What advice can you give to a guy out there who wants to get his male beauty on?

David Blond: Grooming is a must!  Even if you cultivate that “dirty” look, you shouldn’t smell dirty!!!   I think there are so many options in RTW now that you don’t necessarily have to follow the old school rules of style.  With everything that’s happening in fashion like luxe sportswear, you just wear what you love, simple as that.

Ty-Ron Mayes: Phillipe, can you give some of your female fans a tip on how to get the perfect Phillipe to look?
Phillipe Blond: First and foremost, glamorous lashes are key! Every girl needs to find what looks best on her in terms of a base makeup routine. However, you can always add a little sparkle or change your lip colour. 

Ty-Ron Mayes: Let’s play…. You got balls! Who is the one willing to take the most risks?
David Blond: Phillipe definitely, although I’ve had my moments!

Ty-Ron Mayes: Gay Marriage was recently passed in New York, are you married? And if not, do you ever discuss the possibilities of getting married?

David Blond: One never knows!
Phillipe Blond: YES, YES, YES!

Ty-Ron Mayes: Will there be a big BLOND wedding?
David Blond: Maybe.
Phillipe Blond: YES, YES, YES!!!

Ty-Ron Mayes: Phillipe, gown or suit?

Phillipe Blond: BOTH!

Ty-Ron Mayes: When you are not on the runway or hanging with Beyoncé’, Cardi and Paris… who cooks?

David Blond: I do.

Phillipe Blond: Cook?

Ty-Ron Mayes: What is your absolute favourite dish?

David Blond: Roast Pork Cuban Style

Ty-Ron Mayes: When you guys go for a road trip… who drives and who gives directions?

David Blond: I do both LOL!

Phillipe Blond: Who can drive in 5” heels?

Ty-Ron Mayes: Who is your favourite client that you just love making a new piece for?

Phillipe Blond: We love them all.  Each client has a different personality and a different vibe… so it’s cool because we get to express all the different facets of our brand.

Ty-Ron Mayes: You have made pieces for a who’s who of personalities. If you could pick three people that you have not designed for who would you like to make clothing for?

The Blonds: Oprah Winfrey, Tilda Swinton and Michelle Obama of course!

Ty-Ron Mayes: You know I will be there with the rest of the fashion follies who haunt your shows! Is it fair to say that you are in touch with your feminine side? David Blond: Everyone should be.

Phillipe Blond: There is no femme. There is only ME!

Ty-Ron Mayes: I love my feminine side. It allows me to do what I do… What does Femme mean to you?

David Blond: Femme means power, individuality and beauty on the inside and out.

Phillipe Blond: GLAMOUR!

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