Onkar Sharma Exploring The Human Psyche

by Adam Kluger

The Chief’s Travis Kelce is simply one of the greatest tight ends of all time.  He is stronger than a defensive lineman and faster than cornerbacks and has great hands.  Tyreek Hill ran an end-around on my side of the field and used turbo speed to accelerate right past three dolphins who were standing in his way.  This is my second game in three weeks watching Mahomes and he had an awful day throwing three picks – however, I have never seen a QB so comfortable in the pocket. The Dolphins were putting heavy pressure on him, but he was able to buy a few extra seconds in the pocket in order for his wide receivers to get open. The Dolphin’s defense is for real.  The team has great corners who make interceptions and a fierce defensive line that is constantly putting pressure on quarterbacks.

Tua played great at the end of the game when the Dolphins were in hurry-up mode even though all his wide receivers and running backs were injured.  Look for rookie Lynn Bowden of Kentucky to emerge as a huge weapon for the Fins the  last few weeks and into the playoffs

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