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A new taste for the 21st Century

BY W.A. Muller


About Uproot Wines:

We started Uproot in 2011 with a very specific goal in mind: Create a new kind of winery focused on handcrafting small-lot wines, while simultaneously utilizing innovative delivery, marketing, and customer service techniques to help bring the wine world into the 21st century.

Why wine and how it got started?

Our winemaker, Greg Scheinfeld, is originally from New York. After some time on Wall Street, he realized it wasn’t the profession for him. Greg had always been interested in wine growing up – his father has an extensive wine collection – so in a burst of spontaneity he “uprooted” his life and moved out to California to learn as much about wine as he could. This was in 2006. After stints at some amazing wineries including Cakebread, Jospeh Phelps, and Vineyard 29, he left as cellar master and with a desire to start his own winery.

Enter his friend and Uproot co-founder, Jay Levy – additionally Jay is the co-founder of the venture capital firm Zelkova Ventures. They knew if they were going to create a successful winery they would have to come up with something that would separate them from the old guard of wine. The light bulb went off as many friends of Greg and Jay came out to Napa to visit. Much like themselves, their friends were just starting to get comfortable in life. They were building their careers and finally starting to save some money. They were becoming more interested in wine and their tastes were moving beyond the standard $15 bottle. Yet, the one complaint they heard over and over again was that there wasn’t a wine directed towards them (the late 20s to early 40s market).

Uproot’s lively Rosé keeps the summer vibes going well past the time the sun goes down, with flavors of Strawberry, Watermelon, Sour Cherry, Pink Lemonade & Rose Petals.

Why your wine? Why is it special?

First and foremost, we wanted the wine to speak for itself. We started by hand-selecting vineyards in Napa Valley and the Santa Ynez Valley. We wanted vineyards that had distinct and interesting characteristics – like Beatty Ranch (located high atop Howell Mountain in Napa), which produce powerful, intense wines from small clusters and Camp 4 Vineyards (situated along the cool eastern edge of the Santa Ynez Valley), which is known for the production of unique varietals that are fairly uncommon amongst American wine drinkers (Grenache & Grenache Blanc).

Next, We wanted to work with farmers that would let us be hands on. So, each vine is meticulously farmed to our specifications to ensure a more natural and hands-off winemaking approach. Grapes are then harvested to the ideal ripeness, hand-picked and sorted, cold-soaked for a few days, fermented, pressed, and barreled into a mixture of our preferred French cooperages.

To really set us apart from the pack, we leveraged Jay’s business acumen to create a fun and interesting marketing strategy, a one-of-a-kind ecommerce platform, and an exceptional customer and lifestyle experience that the younger generation has come to expect. We were the first winery to integrate Shopify and ShipCompliant directly into our website. This has given us the ability to streamline our delivery and fulfillment systems. We also realized that the younger generation has become accustom to fast shipping at a low cost, something not typically associated with wine. We set up 2 shipping facilities, one in Napa and one in St Louis, that allow us to ship directly anywhere in the country in 2 days. We then decided to include shipping on orders of 3 bottles or more. We never want shipping costs to deter someone from enjoying our wines.


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