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It’s a rare thing when you learn about someone of high intelligence, talent, beauty and abilities who has dedicated their life to making the world a better place for others. It’s even more special when you discover that this unique individual has been right there on your TV set all along.

Dr. Kelly Powers is a full-time surgeon, who shares medical tips and health advice on Fox News. But there is so much more to her than meets the eye. Along with discussing hard news and medicine, Dr. Kelly has been a regular panelist on the FOX News political satire comedy show, Red Eye.

In addition to Fox News, Dr. Kelly Powers is also a regular commentator on CNN, HLN and NBC. If you see Dr. Kelly on a TV monitor, the first thing you might notice is the Westchester native’s All-American good-looks, but after you pump up the volume on her commentary, you’ll quickly realize that Dr. Kelly Powers is not just another pretty face or talking head. She is a truly brilliant doctor who is as comfortable discussing complex medical procedures as she is dissecting government policy, politics or breaking news stories. As a member of the media through her well known and respected contributions to FOX News and others, Dr. Powers has a reputation for presenting soft and hard news on medical and health issues of the day. She is becoming the “go-to” person on many health related stories, but is especially known for articulating political analysis, public policy, and current events.

“As a TV commentator, adaptability is the most important thing, says Powers, on TV you want to be charismatic but often the news topics require a stoic delivery… you’ve got to go with the punches…you have to think on your feet because we are often talking about breaking news. There’s just no time to study and learn as much as you’d like so succinct talking points are so important… often I’m taking complex scientific terms and making them relatable.”

For Dr. Powers, becoming a trusted health and medical resource on TV came naturally. “I learned how to do this for TV audiences just in the way I speak with my patients every day. Often, it’s the doctors who know how to communicate best with their patients that receive the best reviews. It’s all about being able to relate with your patients and establishing trust.” It also helps to be a bit of extrovert. “I grew up on the stage. I was dancing and performing at four years old and had my first leading role acting at nine years old. Also, in college I was a Division One cheerleader in California.”

Dr. Powers credits Cheryl Casone, FOX Business/FOX News anchor and Jill Dobson, Entertainment Reporter for Associated Press for helping her become a more polished TV personality,” I had the great fortune of working with both these ladies on-air at FOX, both are close friends who have helped me learn the ropes. I surround myself with good girls… Family & friends are extremely important in my life. I am actually an only child, so my close friends ARE my family and siblings.” The good doctor has forged a number of high profile friendships in recent years, more often than not in the course of her never-ending work on behalf of the various health-related charities she is involved with like Plasterhouse https://www. theplasterhouse. org/, Medgift and RAM

Plaster House

One of Dr. Powers’ passions is creating awareness for a condition known as Skeletal Fluorosis. She holds a Masters of Science in Environmental Science and her interest in this topic/condition arose from her earlier studies and subsequent thesis work. Dr. Powers ended up completing a master’s project titled: ” Environmental & Medical Management of Skeletal Fluorosis in Eastern Africa” and she presented her work at the American Public Health Association national meeting.

This condition is secondary to excessive fluoride exposure, via contaminated ground water or secondary to industrial practices in niche parts of the world. Endemic in Eastern Africa as it occurs naturally in certain water sources and given rural areas inability to defluoridate or have access to technology or other sources, Skeletal Fluorosis is endemic leading to gross boney deformities of the lower extremity, leading to the inability to walk or walk without pain and peripheral neuropathy occurs often simultaneously.

The Plaster House is a home in Arusha that enables children, from all over Tanzania, to recover after they have had corrective orthopaedic surgery, plastic surgery or neurosurgery for a disability. Dr Powers plans to visit Plaster House and their affiliate hospital, Selian Lutheran Hospital in Arusha, Tanzania to volunteer in 2018. Her plan is to perform surgeries on children with Skeletal Fluorosis and Clubfoot and volunteer at Plaster House as part of their post-op recovery.


MedGift is an organization, that has the complete resources and tools for those facing a health-related hardship or need. It works like a bridal or baby shower registry, however instead of gifts the patient requests specific health-related resources, devices, supplement medical goods, etc and others can purchase these specific medical goods instead of say buying a sick individual flowers. Allows the opportunity for people to give the patient what they really need.

RAM – Remote Area Medical

Remote Area Medical’s mission is to prevent pain and alleviate suffering. The organization is fueled by donors and volunteers who support the operation of mobile medical clinics that deliver free, high-quality vision, dental, and medical services to children, individuals, and families who do not have access or cannot afford a visit to a doctor.

Dr Powers was a medical volunteer with Remote Area Medical (RAM) which provides health care to those in underserved populations in the US, particularly Appalachia. Dr Powers spent time in Tennessee treating patients with various lower extremity pathologies, wounds, and infections. Dr. Kelly says that it was her parents that instilled her with a sense of purpose at a young age.

“I grew up in Westchester, New York from humble beginnings, my parents gave me endless encouragement and support my whole life. They stressed academics, hard work, personal responsibility, and above all strong values. From an early age, I was told 1) I can accomplish or be anything I want when I grow up and 2) No one is going to hand it to you. Work hard, keep dreaming, stay positive and goal focused and you can make any dream a reality.” Throughout her life Dr. Kelly has pursued excellence wherever it has led her. The result: she holds five different academic and medical diplomas.

“I’ve lived in five U.S. cities, mostly for school (San Francisco, Los Angeles, Boston, Washington, DC, and of course NYC). ”

Recently Powers was recognized as a “Future 40 Under 40” leader in America in politics and business by Maverick PAC for the year of 2017 where they lauded her medical background.

When she is not on TV, Dr. Powers spends her time in the operating room as she is a podiatric surgeon, with an emphasis on diabetes, wound care & sports medicine. Dr. Powers completed a General Surgery Internship as part of her Podiatric Surgery Residency at Boston University Medical Center. She went on to complete her fellowship at Georgetown University Hospital, under the department of Plastic Surgery with a focus on diabetes/limb salvage & research. Dr Powers is a published author and her work can be found in esteemed journals, including: Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery, Journal of Diabetes Research, International Wound Journal, and the Wall Street Journal. Dr. Powers additionally hold a Masters in Science from University of San Francisco with focus of her study & research in environmental science, toxicology & epidemiology.


Among those recognized as “Future 40” leaders are current sitting United States Senators and Representatives, and Dr. Powers made the cut to be recognized alongside these individuals. Powers received this award at the United States Chamber of Commerce in Washington, DC addressed by Vice President Mike Pence, who spoke at the event congratulating the “Future 40” leaders.

Dr. Powers has never been happier working for an employer than in her new job at WestMed Medical Group, a large multi-disciplinary practice located throughout Westchester County, New York and Connecticut. Dr. Powers is excited to be a new member of the WestMed team and is a proud supporter of WestMed’s focus of continuity of patient care and whole body wellness. She is also a practicing surgeon at White Plains Hospital in Westchester, Stamford Hospital in CT, and Rye Ambulatory Surgery Center in Rye, NY.

To stay in amazing shape, Dr. Kelly says nothing beats biking. She is a SoulCycle fanatic and swears by it for both physical and mental health. Powers has even completed two bike marathons, one last year in Napa, California to raise money for American Diabetes Association.

In her spare time, when she’s not saving the world, Dr. Kelly Powers is pretty much like everybody else–she’s even found time for a personal life… Yes, because we know you’re all wondering–yes, Dr. Kelly does have a boyfriend, Steve Doll, a Sales Trader in NYC originally from New Jersey.

“Yes, I am in a relationship with an amazing man. I fall in love with this guy a little more with each passing day. I’m lucky to have such a genuine guy in my life who happens to be my best friend, my teammate, and truly inspires me every day. And he’s always making laugh…he’s a good guy…right now he’s out walking the dogs.”






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