Paul Mayer Goes Hawaiian!

W.A. Muller

This year marks the Royal Hawaiian hotel’s 90th anniversary. To commemorate this milestone, New York-based shoe designer Paul Mayer collaborated with the iconic destination on a special edition capsule collection of Royal Hawaiian-inspired shoes.

Mayer’s love affair with the Royal Hawaiian started over 25 years ago, and since then, he has regularly visited the hotel known as the “Pink Palace of the Pacific.”  He considers the Royal Hawaiian his home away from home and has been known to fly there for a weekend, settling into his favorite suite with a pair of RH slippers before heading to the Mai Tai bar, relaxing at the Malulani Pool or sailing on Kepoikai.

It comes as no surprise that his passion for the Royal Hawaiian inspired what have become Mayer›s brand colors.  Today, his whimsical pink and black shoe boxes are as collectible as his flats, wedges and chunky heels, of which patrons are known to buy in multiples for their comfort and style.

French born Mayer founded his namesake brand with partner Jeff Levy in 2004. In the time since, the duo has stayed true to their vision for Paul Mayer Attitudes collection — offering fashionable, feminine, and comfortable shoes for women of all ages. With his attention on comfort, Mayer was one of the first footwear designers to fully pad his insoles and to offer lightweight and flexible rubber compound soles on non- athletic footwear. Paul Mayer aficionados have been known to shop for shoes in the dozens. Knowing this he created lavender scented soles to fragrance their closets.

In commemorating the Royal Hawaiian anniversary, Mayer, aka the Master of Ballet Flats, wanted to create a collection as classic and chic as its inspiration. The resulting designs feature flats, wedges and blocked heels in the signature pastel pink of the Waikiki hotel’s famous facade. As a tribute to the hotel, Mayer researched the font used in the original Royal Hawaiian logo, and it is embroidered on certain styles in the very same teal used 90 years ago.

Since the Royal Hawaiian Hotel opened on February 1, 1927, it has cemented its iconic status making cameos in movies and TV shows, from the 1932 film Gidget Goes Hawaiian to television shows Charlie’s Angels in 1977 and, most recently, Mad Men in the early twenty-tens.

Thanks to Mayer, Royal Hawaiian devotees can take a piece of the Pink Palace home with them in the renowned hotel’s true style of elegance and sophistication.

The Royal Hawaiian x Paul Mayer collection, retailing for approximately $220, is available at the Hotel’s Pashma boutique and Bloomingdale’s in Hawaii.