Matter in Movement at Salomon Arts Gallery

Paintings by Evan Sebastian Lagache

and Photography by Mitchel Gray

By Alexandra Appino-Tabone




The Salomon Arts Gallery hosts cutting-edge exhibitions of various artistic mediums to give back to the community. A portion of the proceeds from the Matter in Movement Exhibition benefits The Children’s Museum of the Arts. You can follow featured artists Mitchel Gray’s work at, and Evan Sebastian Lagache’s work on Instagram @evanlagache. For further inquiries contact

A quality art show leaves an impact, even months or years after it is over. One recent big apple example was Salomon Arts Gallery’s Matter in Movement. The Tribeca gallery presented the exhibition from Feb. 8 to Feb. 22, but it’s still on our minds.

Matter in Movement featured two New York-based artists: Mitchell Gray and Evan Sebastian Lagache. Gray’s work included a series entitled Bodies in Action, while Lagache’s included a selection of abstract expressionist paintings. Curated by Rodrigo Salomon and Debbie Dickinson, the exhibition placed the work of these two artists in conversation with one another as it explored the nature of movement through separate artistic mediums. While one artist’s work focused intently on the human form in motion, the other’s explored movement through color and abstract imagery. Despite their differences, both artists’ works seemed to capture the nature of energy and its various manifestations as it travels through space.

Mitchell Gray

Mitchell Gray’s photographs have appeared in several sports and fitness magazines, featuring prominent sports figures such as Tom Brady and Derek Jeter. He is a master at manipulating light in order to accentuate and define every muscle, showing the body’s full engagement in each movement. In the Bodies in Action series, it appears as though there are two people in some of the photos, but Gray is actually representing two sides of the same body. This technique illustrates the idea that movement is a process in which the body engages with itself and its space.

Evan Sebastian Lagache

Evan Sebastian Lagache attended the Frank Sinatra School of the Arts, and was later offered a scholarship to New York University. His work has appeared in shows at the Mark Borghi Gallery, the Public Factory, the Elga Wimmer Gallery, Julie Keyes Gallery at the X Contemporary Art Fair – Hotel Nobu Eden Roc and the Jacob Javits Center. He is currently on view at Salomon Arts Gallery, the Keyes Art Gallery at the Winter Equestrian Festival in Wellington, Florida and in preparation for an exhibit in Paris.

Like the contraction and release of a muscle in motion, Lagache’s paintings explore movement through contrast. Pastels work alongside patches of dark blue and black, while warm and cool tones appear both separate and mixed, and watery clouds juxtapose more defined, yet imperfect grid shapes. This tension creates depth, and presents energy as a concentration of color and form that becomes more diluted as it radiates outward and evolves in different directions.

Matter in Movement

When viewed side by side, Lagache’s paintings almost seem like thermal images of Gray’s figures in motion, like different concentrations of heat throughout the body. Both artists are deeply aware of space in their work. Gray’s bodies are starkly outlined by a dark background to emphasize the solidity of form and the space it occupies, while Lagache’s paintings play with the tension between fluidity and structure, following the continual metamorphosis of energy as it takes on different forms.

Additionally, both artists seem to use negative space to accentuate the form, whether in a defined or fluid state. Thus, Matter in Movement created a dialogue between two very different aesthetics: one solid and defined, the other ephemeral and fluid. And while Gray’s photographs use form to capture movement, Lagache’s paintings seem to depict movement through the transitory nature of form. However, both collections seem to speak to the way in which energy continues to project movement, even when captured in the apparent stillness of a single moment.

Matter in Movement partnered with conscious shoe company Nene Shoes on Feb. 14 for the Have a Heart for Art event: an exhibition, silent auction, and trunk show benefiting the Children’s Museum of the Arts, which provides arts education programs for children in New York City.



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