Katrina Campins: From “Apprentice” to Boss

By Adam Kluger

What is your business vision/market/niche?

 Since the inception in 2004, The Campins Company has been a luxury real estate brokerage focused on residential real estate. A large portion of my clients are businessmen and their families. I also started the first ever Sports & Entertainment Real Estate Division  within The Campins Company then and have represented over 400 athletes, celebrities and entertainers.

What are current trends in Miami/Florida Real Estate? 

We are seeing an influx of buyers from the Northeast ie. NY, Connecticut, etc. and California relocating to South Florida as a result of the new tax implications. 

How has being DT’s Apprentice impacted your life and career? 

Being on the first ever season of The Apprentice changed my life. It served as priceless platform for my business. I learned the art of branding from now President Trump. I just wish we had social media then – with over 28 million viewers I would have been able to create an even larger social media platform in minutes. 

Thoughts of your boss as POTUS – does it blow your mind? 

I recall being on Fox News for a real estate segment and Neil Cavuto asked me if I truly believed my long time friend Donald Trump would run for President. I said “Yes!”  He has been stating he had a desire to run for some time. I knew this time it wasn’t a PR stunt. He was truly fed up with how this country was being run and he was ready to step up to fix it. 

Another big player in Miami Real Estate is Steve Ross, Owner of the Miami Dolphins. Any thoughts on him? 

Steve Ross is an icon in Miami. I was born and raised in Miami so it has been wonderful to witness all he has done to revamp the team.

What do you do for fun/personal life when you aren’t focused on your burgeoning Real Estate empire? 

I LOVE the ocean! It’s my sanctuary. I need to feel centered to be effective in business so the ocean and the gym are essential. Spending time with my family is the utmost important thing in my life. They are my WHY. 

We absolutely love your mom’s amazing jewelry line. How important is your family to your business success? 

My mother instilled a sense of self in me at a very young age. There is nothing she would not do for me. She sparked my fire and inspired me to follow my bliss. It is because of her that I believed I could do and be anything. Now is my moment to encourage her to fulfill her purpose. She has a deep desire to inspire and help others through her healing stones which she creates with her own hands. I collaborated with her to create Kat Wraps. 

Being a mother has been the most gratifying experience of my life. It is more than words could describe. Creating a balance with my work and my duties as a mom has been challenging but I wouldn’t change a thing. I am grateful that my profession, although demanding allows me the flexibility to be there for him. He and my family come first. 

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Katrina Campins: From “Apprentice” to Boss

By Adam Kluger What is your business vision/market/niche?  Since the inception in...
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