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When New York Night Owls in Times Square are winding up their nights, FOX Business Network Anchor Cheryl Casone is usually getting into work.

“Times Square is very entertaining…at 2:45AM.  You see it all you really see it. A lot of the times when I’m coming to work people are just leaving the bars so I see the tail end of the night before , put it that way. Also the streets are empty and that’s kind of cool because you don’t see that.”

The City That Never Sleeps also provides Casone with plenty of business news stories.

I really love hosting the first show of the day because it’s the first shot at the news.

Casone co-hosts FBN:AM beginning at 5AM/ET where she is first to report on the state of the US economy:
“Nationally, things have gotten a lot better, you’ve got less regulation, the tax package that just got passed has helped a lot of lower income workers in other states you with bonuses and better wages – so that’s a good thing…  you’ve got unemployment now at 3.8 per cent, incomes are rising – not as much as we would like to see but wages are better- retirement accounts are better-looking based on how the markets have done, the numbers are there to support that- whatever your politics are-that the economy is doing better because of things like less regulation and pro-business policies.  Seeing GDP consistently above 2 percent – means the economy is definitely a lot stronger.”

… on the current mood of Wall Street:

I think anything that is a fiscally conservative policy, Wall Street is going to like no matter if it is coming from the Governor, the Mayor or the President. So, if you are a fiscal conservative you believe in less regulation and pro-business policies so those are the two things they want from anyone.

…and important business trends to look out for:

We talk about it every day on the show… honestly, technology.  that train is going down the track like a high speed locomotive and it’s not stopping whether it’s robotics, artificial intelligence, or transportation.  We’re talking about flying taxis by 2020! That can all be a reality and it will be.  Technology is just completely changing everything and how we live our lives. Do you go to a store anymore of just order on Amazon?”

“I’ve been hosting FBN:AM at FOX Business Network for a year now. I really love hosting the first show of the day because it’s the first shot at the news. I love being first!  (laugh). So much news is happening right now you just never know what is happening overnight so I really love the fact that I’ve got that show and it’s going really well! We’ve really seen our audience grow and our ratings have moved up a lot, quite substantially, in just the past year so I’m really proud of that.
A former flight attendant , right out of college, Casone parlayed that personal work experience to become one of Fox’s most knowledgeable reporters on the Airline Industry as a whole.
“I appreciate that my colleagues whether it is Tucker Carlson or Stuart Varney lean on me for aviation stories. I appreciate it because it’s another part of my past life I can bring here. I don’t love checked bag fees any more than anybody else or the delays and there are all kinds of bad things about travel but I do still have a fondness for the airline industry.”

As for working in New York City, Casone couldn’t be happier.

It is a dream come true for me – I was a business reporter in San Francisco at Channel 4 KRON-TV – and I loved my time in San Francisco, but I would sit and watch Maria Bartiromo on TV and I really wanted to be in New York because this is the center of the world when it comes to business, finance, banking and Wall Street so when I finally got here in 2004- that was the ultimate goal. And I still love New York. I actually live on the Upper West Side of New York  now but I just love all of Manhattan.  I think this is going to be a permanent place for me to live now. I just love that you meet so many people from different cultures and there is so much to do here. Months can go by where I don’t even leave Manhattan. It’s crazy!”

Casone not only gets to work beside the talented Maria Bartiromo, she also gets to work with aforementioned elder statesman and much beloved FOX Business Network host, Stuart Varney. One of the true class acts in the Broadcast Business.
“I’ve known Stu for years…I adore him I call him Stu,  I love him.  He’s one of the first people I met when I came to the Fox News Channel in 2006 I joined the FNC a year before we launched the business network so he was the first person I met in the building that day. I call him my first friend!”  

One thing Casone doesn’t get to do with many of her friends is…enjoy late night dinners!

I host a 5am show, I get up at 2am every day… all my friends are like “can you get off this schedule” and I’m say no I really like what I’m doing… I like a morning show and I do both of our morning shows. I go to bed at 6pm that ‘s really the only thing that gets tough – I don’t have a social life at night but it’s fine. It’s a funny conversation because people say “when do you go to bed” and I reply 6pm (laugh) so they want to go have dinner and I’m asking can you do that dinner at 3pm? 3:30pm?”

Being a hard worker committed  to her craft- no matter what the hour- is something Casone credits  to her parents and her home state of Texas.
“I was definitely raised with a strong work ethic my grandfather owned and operated a meat processing company – you know we worked hard our family, my father was the same way… you work hard- you commit- you are an upstanding citizen- I think a lot of my values as a person come from being a Texan and I still consider myself a Texan… now when I get off the plane in Dallas I keep thinking to myself why is everybody being so nice to me? (laugh) Because that’s the thing about Texas, you know? That southern charm is a true thing.”

FOX Business has even let Casone keep up with the Joneses of the NFL.

FOX Business has allowed me to report on the business of sports and I’ve covered five Super bowls now.  I’m a Football junkie and a huge Dallas Cowboys fan (laugh) I’ve gotten to meet some of my football heroes …I met Roger Staubach, I was like wow hello wow….getting to know Jerry Jones…Charlotte Jones, his daughter who is now one of the most powerful women in the NFL ..that’s been a really fun piece of the journey for me… oh Joe Theisman…I was having coffee with him – Troy Aikman that was a fun one …and Dan Marino, Dan Marino is a hoot , love him.

Sports Reporter Casone is actually quite an athlete herself.

“It’s been really fun for me because I also do triathlons and marathons so I really can kind of get that other part of my life fulfilled. We sponsor the 2XU New York City Triathlon every summer, FOX Business does, so what’s cool about that is that not only do I compete in the triathlon every year but my colleague and I, Liz Claman do some good.  She’s a big supporter and champion fundraiser for “Building Homes for Heroes”,a local charity that builds custom homes for veterans, so that’s another fun side of it. On a personal level I actually get to do the sport and then we do segments on the triathlon and Liz does segments about some of the veterans that have been helped by some of her work.”     

Like most New Yorkers Casone is in love with Central Park.

I consider Central Park my savior because I didn’t grow up in NYC or the East Coast- to be out in the park, I’m out there probably 4-5 days a week, gives me sanity, just because I love the trees! And since I’m a runner and a tri-athlete, for me to have that park is a mental savior. I look at Central Park as the gift that just keeps on giving!”

An always busy reporter, Casone says that after a long day that there’s nothing better than curling up with Milo… her rescue cat! Yep. Casone, who is a major supporter of the ASPCA and North Shore Animal League, along with her famous pal Beth Stern, readily admits she is a cat person.
“Milo is a street cat from the Bronx. One of my friends was teaching up there and there were stray cats that were living on the roof of this building and one day she kept seeing this little tiny kitten just sitting there by himself. She finally just walked up and grabbed him and called me and said “I have a cat.” So, now I have a cat. (laugh) I’m definitely an animal person for sure. We had 25 cats at one point on my Grandfather’s farm in Texas when I was a kid. Guess I’m stuck with it!
But more than anything, Casone is a people-person, dedicated as an anchor to helping her viewers understand business- and as an author of the critically acclaimed business book, “The Comeback: How Today’s Moms Reenter the Workplace Successfully” to helping people, women and baby boomers in particular, keep the American Economy going strong—by working!
“The book (The Comeback) actually came out of my work at FOX because I was doing weekly segments on FOX & Friends, when unemployment was at 10 percent. The Comeback is about how to help people find jobs—my whole brand for a while, at least with those segments on FOX & Friends, was to find people work…people were struggling to find anything and it was during the recession –which was caused by Wall Street as we all know and so the segment just really took off and people just started to ask me on the street or in the airports for advice. I would get emails from people who were saying: “hey, could you look at my resume and I’ve got this much experience” and so I sort of really started getting into helping people find work.”
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