Anat Fritz

Creative Extraordinaire

By Adam Klueger and Heidi North

It’s truly amazing that you have been able to develop so many distinctive products and collections under the Anat Fritz brand.
In terms of designing, I just know exactly what I want and I already see the finished product in front of me, and then I work backward so to speak and ask myself what “does it require?”, until I can finally hold the finished product in my hands. That pretty much describes my design process. Before I moved to New York I had my own fashion brand, as well as a studio for creative consultancy. I just love to create. I am a perfectionist and proportion fanatic and it is really hard to please me aesthetically. Of course, the few designers that I adore will have what I love, but honestly, I like to wear something beautiful with my own name written on the –label – that  is much more satisfying to me.

 Tell us about yourself?
In addition to my fashion and fragrance lines (, I also oversee all aspects of my art direction, my branding, styling, and design. I direct all my shoots, look books and campaigns myself and do visual consulting and collections for other brands. I also do a significant amount of free-lance work consulting on creative direction and exploring new brand partnerships. Presently, I am in development on a wonderful anti-aging face cream, unlike anything on the market. 

Photography by Willy Somma

How did you get started in perfume?
I am always on the search for that perfect thing. If I cannot find it somewhere, I sit down and make it. I was always looking for the perfect scent to accompany my daily life. Something that leaves a trace of me in the atmosphere. A scent with depth, personality and impact – but on a subtle level. A memorable, but refined scent.. I have very high standards with everything I do.

Sexiness comes from inside whatever your age. 

What is your philosophy on scent?
The only purpose a perfume has is to flatter, expose, enhance one´s personality and make the wearer´s individuality visible. I cannot understand how people can walk in a cloud of these commercial synthetic celebrity scents, that smell the same on every person —and people say “wait, are you wearing Fahrenheit? Or is that Daisy by Marc Jacobs? I recognize it!” Those perfumes function like a blanket that covers your personality.  

What are your influences?
My influences stem clearly from the late ’70s. Just think Annie Hall! The proportions, the shapes, the combinations. I am a big fan of functionality paired with effortless chic.  I like classy, timeless things in every category. Feminine but not overly vampy, still a bit held back so that there always remains a part that needs to be discovered. Over the years I have built “the perfect wardrobe.” Once it makes it into the archives, it will blend and mix with every other piece I have. I can just grab anything and it will be a perfect match all together. I rarely spend more than five minutes in front of my closet. I love to be inspiring eye candy to people I meet and I value when others make an effort with the same. Isn´t it so much nicer to study a woman sitting across from you in a cafe and finding inspiration in her outward appearance and to possibly get a glimpse of her personality and maybe character?  

Sounds like you would make an excellent stylist.
For the right client, I would. As long as I am I given the creative freedom I require.

Final thoughts?
I like to create beautiful things and inspire people. If it comes to an idea or vision of a naked woman on a horse, I like to be that woman. Sexiness comes from inside whatever your age. I do yoga and exercise and I’m a proponent of healthy food. The ultimate for me is raw, unprocessed food. In fact, I also have a book out with raw food recipes that has been translated into a few languages. I get great satisfaction in helping other women rediscover their feminine power and joy of life. 

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