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By Adam Kluger
Alana De La Garza


Alana, in 2019 you were cast in FBI: Most Wanted -what was that like as a Law and Order Alumna?
I was really excited to not only start a new endeavor, but also join a family behind the scenes that I felt at home with.

What was it like to be reunited with Dick Wolf after all those years starring on Law & Order and Law & Order: LA?
Dick Wolf and the whole wolf pack are people that I truly respect and consider friends. Really TALENTED friends. Lol There’s a lot of history in our relationships and I love that.

How fun was it to portray Isobel Castile a fugitive squad supervisor?
I love to play Isobel. Not only is she a smart strong female SAC, she’s also human. She has her own struggles as a person. The weight she carries with the decisions she makes, is something I can’t begin to understand. I think the incredibly cool thing about playing Isobel, is that I get to portray someone who actually has this responsibility in real life. It’s such an honor.

What was it like to return to CBS where you starred previously on Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders?
Returning to CBS was a gift. Great entertainment I get to be a part of.

Were you surprised/pleased to be added as a regular on FBI?
Absolutely, when Dick said this was his plan, I was really excited. Great show, fantastic storytelling, and actors. Also, I had worked with Jeremy Sisto on Law and Order and we had become great friends over the years. So that was fun too.

Do you like how characters can move seamlessly from one Dick Wolf show to another?
Yes, I think Dick has a way of connecting these worlds together in such an interesting way. He really has created a universe of his own.

What’s the secret to playing a strong female lead in a drama series? Is your personality like a lot of the strong female characters you play– or are you just a really good actress?
I don’t know if there’s a secret, but I think everyone has a tough version of themselves that maybe they don’t show to everyone else. My husband teases me…. if there’s a situation in real life that I think is unjust in some way, and I get huffy about it… he will say “go get em Rubirosa” or some other character I’ve played. It’s pretty funny. I tend to be very mellow in real life, but someone messes with my kids for example, the tough version of myself will definitely show up. Other than that, I am VERY different than most of the characters I play.

Do you ever feel overwhelmed being a cast regular on so many different shows over the years…do you ever feel burnt out or do you love the challenge? How do you juggle being a mom and all your professional duties? What’s your secret?
I LOVE being a mom. Yes. If someone says, “No, I can do it all. All the time.” I think they’re either lying or a secret superhero. Many days, I feel spread very thin, and just fantasize about eating hot food or waking up because my body naturally did. Lol But honestly, I would not trade it for anything. I am so incredibly lucky to have my kids, my husband, family, friends and a career that I honestly love. I think if there is a secret to balancing all of it, it’s recognizing what a gift I get to have every day and remembering to be grateful. Not everyone gets that and I’m aware of it.

What do you do for fun to wind down?
We’re big into dance parties after dinner. I love to be outside. And I love a nice snuggling movie night with my family. Also, a workout/ lunch date with my girlfriends is fantastic. (Also a latte and a trip to Target)

Do you have any exercise and healthy living tips that you swear by?
Something I love to do is learn my lines on the treadmill. I know it sounds crazy but something about the combo makes me memorize faster. Love a good barre class and a hike with my friends.

Any hobbies?
I actually am quite the crafter. I enjoy creating things, from making cakes to making jewelry. I joke that I know there will be a time when my nieces and nephews are old enough to say stop making me things!! My oldest niece just turned 10. May be coming soon. Lol

Guilty pleasures?
I would say food and wine. I am a FOODIE. And a sucker for a massage.

Favorite things, places to visit?
I loved Ireland, Italy any place with sunshine. I was meant to be a lizard.

Does it ever get old always being recognized in public or do you embrace that?
Most of the time being recognized is sweet. Unless my children are misbehaving and then I pray no one makes eye contact. There was a plane ride when my son was 18 months old that still sends shivers through my soul.

Who inspired you and mentored you to become such a prolific actress and top-rated shows?
I was always a huge Sally Fields fan. My mom took me to see “Places in the Heart” when I was a kid. I remember thinking “Wow, she’s amazing. How did she make me cry?”

Any advice for aspiring actresses?
Follow your gut. Don’t sweat the audition, they want it to be you. If you don’t believe in yourself, why should they? Do the best that you can do, that’s all you can control. And don’t give up. Eventually, someone will say “Yes, you.”

Do you ever feel like doing more movies? What’s in the future? Anything we missed that you would like to talk about? Go for it!
I would like to do more films. I would like to do more TV. I want to do good work. Interesting roles are part of my creative drive. All actors can relate, we just want to create. How lucky am I? I get to play pretend for a living.

Thanks so much Alana!

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