A Page From the Fashion Designer’s Sketchbook

Lookbook Series: Softwear 5
digital painting, silver halide print, 20″ x 14.75.”

With their delicate brushstrokes and quiet sensuality, Gary Kaleda’s digital paintings build on tradition and leverage technology to transcend painting. He is the first artist to incorporate QR codes into his paintings, enabling viewers to interact with his work through a personal device, thus offering simple interactivity with extraordinary subtlety.

A classically trained painter, Kaleda’s self-motivated and self-taught foray into digital art began in the early ’90s and has continued to grow with an ongoing focus on the underlying uncertainty and beauty that exists within humanity’s relationship to technology.

Gary Kaleda’s work can be seen at Anderson Contemporary’s upcoming show FORWARD SLASH/ encompassing 10 years of the artist’s digital paintings, as well as new works. The show will run from March 16th through April 18th.

Taking a page from the fashion designer’s sketchbook, Kaleda’s Lookbook  series features virtual models clothed in a collection of digital brush strokes, lines and color.


Lookbook Series: Softwear 8
digital painting, silver halide print, 20″ x 14.75.”

Lookbook Series: Softwear 2
digital painting, silver halide print, 20″ x 14.75.”

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